Harley-Davidson® XL883N – Sportster® Iron 883


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Harley-Davidson® XL883N – Sportster® Iron 883

harley-davidson xg750 street 2015 – the Motor Company’s first new model since the V-Rod of 2001 – is perfectly acceptable. All six gears click in and out with nary a bang, and you don’t even need the light-pull clutch past about third. Steering’s quick and light, and ergonomics are really close to standard if you’re not tall.

The harley-davidson xg750 street 2015 seat is actually remarkably comfy, soft and nicely shaped, for about an hour. Later in the day, after you’ve been on it a few hours, it feels maybe a little too soft, but that’s such a personal thing. Your numbage may vary. (And H-D’s accessory catalog is already on the case with three seats – a Tallboy, a café solo and a reduced reach one, which scoots the rider even lower and 1.5 inches forward.)

Speaking of which, H-D claims 41 mpg; I saw 60 miles on 1.5 gallons, so that’s about right. The 3.5-gallon capacity might cause problems for Western-state riders. The other thing that might limit long-distance range is significant vibration that creeps into the handlebars at around 80 mph in spite of the engine’s counter balancer.


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