Great looking classic 60’s BSA. Road registered, starts, runs and rides as it should.

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BSA BANTAM, designers made the design a mirror image with right hand side controls and Imperial fittings for manufacture in Birmingham. This original Bantam, the D1, was released in October 1948 and continued in production for several years. It had telescopic forks, a rigid rear end, direct electrics, shovel front-mudguard and fishtail silencer, was available only in “mist green” and sold for £60 plus tax. Although the frame changed out of recognition (beginning with conversion to plunger and then swinging fork rear suspension), the engine remained a recognizable development of the original for the entire 23 years of production.

The BSA BANTAM engine is a unit construction (engine and gearbox of one piece) single cylinder 2 stroke. The barrel is cast iron while the head is alloy. The gearbox was initially three speeds, later versions went to four, fed through a “wet” clutch. Ignition was of two types: a Lucas battery-powered coil in earlier machines, or a magneto by Wipac. The magneto was on a composite assembly sitting within the flywheel with its magnet inserts; windings gave power either directly to the lights (with a dry cell for when the engine was stopped) or through a rectifier into a lead acid battery. The early D1s had “fish tail” styled exhausts but this was replaced with the more conventional cylindrical silencer. High-level exhausts were made for the trials and off-road models, in which the only electrics are the magneto-powered ignition.

Great looking classic 60’s BSA. Road registered, starts, runs and rides as it should. Before it leaves for its new home we’ll be giving this one a full health check by our fully trained technicians. We only use quality products when we service our bikes.


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