Bell Star DLX MIPS Fasthouse


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Bell Star DLX MIPS Fasthouse

Bell Star DLX Mips is going to be another premium sport-focused helmet from US manufacturer Bell. This is going to be coming as a more upper to mid-range Bell option that is designed for more street riding than the Race Star while sportier in design. One of the features that distinguishes the  Star DLX  is its MIPS interior, which will be another energy management system designed to deal with those rotational impacts, making this another safety focused helmet. So, with a recommended retail price of about 500 Euros or 600 USD, the Full-Face Helmet will be competing with the AGV K6, HJC RPHA 70 Carbon, Shark Spartan GT Carbon, Shoei GT Air 2, and the Arai Profile-V.

The Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet is constructed out of Bell’s Trimatrix Composite shell, which is an aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composite. This means that the helmet will have a light weight and what’s even better is that it comes in an incredible 6 outer shell sizes with each size getting it’s own EPS liner. This means that the helmet will always offer the correct fit in both helmet sizing and EPS liner, which means both safety and comfort are simultaneously improved.


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  • TriMatrix Composite Shell

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