Bell Moto-3 Classic Gloss Black


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Bell Moto-3 Classic Gloss Black

Bell Moto-3, specialists at Bell Helmets have gone back to their roots, as it were. Namely, by returning to the original shapes of Bell motorcycle helmets. Take the classic Bell Moto 3, for example. Its shape was first created back in the 1970s, when it essentially wrote off-road history in America, because Bell was one of the pioneers of purpose-built motocross helmets – and evidently enjoyed great success.

The unique shape of the Bell Moto 3 has been retrieved from the company archive and reinstated.
Now, with the scrambler and retro wave in full swing, you can lead the pack with the Moto 3. Today, it is made from modern lightweight fibreglass, complete with the typical 70s colours and graphics, and with the interior brought right up to the state of the art. So we can now celebrate the return of a classic exterior combined with the interior of an ultramodern, stylish motorcycle helmet, featuring a large eye port. Celebrate with us!

Bell Moto-3 Classic Gloss Black

General Features


Main Materials

  • Fibreglass Shell

Performance Shock

  • Five-Year Warranty
  • D-Ring Closure


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