2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40


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  2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40

2014 Suzuki Boulevard s40, which have model names that identify motorcycle displacement in cubic inches rather than cubic centimeters, range in size from the entry-level, 652cc S40 to the ground-pounding, 1,783cc M109R Suzuki Boulevard. In between are the 1,462cc C90/M90 and 803cc C50/M50 models, where C stands for Custom and M for Muscle. With the smallest engine, the Suzuki made the least horsepower (42.8 at 6,200 rpm) and torque (44.3 lb. – ft. at 3,300 rpm) when strapped to Jett Tuning’s dyno. It had the best fuel economy (51.2 mpg), but with the smallest gas tank (4.1 gallons), range was the lowest here at 210 miles.

2014 Suzuki Boulevard


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