2013 Honda® CBR500RR


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   2013 Honda® CBR500RR

We tested the 2013 Honda CBR500R ABS, which means you get the bike in blazing Honda red – hardly a compromise. However, the non-ABS versions can be had in black, as well as white with blue and red accents. We’ll take the red and ABS, thank you very much.

Getting on the 2013 Honda CBR50 you will notice that the bars are low, but still rise from the top triple-clamp. The pegs are slightly back, but still in a completely comfortable position. This is nothing like getting on a CBR600RR. It’s an ergonomic position that works for casual sport riding, and gives you a good profile in town.

Just as the ergonomics of the CBR500R don’t approach the 600RR, neither does the performance in any way. As sport bikes go, the 500R is soft all around–not that that’s a bad thing, of course, if you’re a fresh-faced rider.

2013 Honda® CBR500RR


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